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How to get the most return from your data processing investment.

If you’re planning to expand your existing data processing/ communication facility, or build an entirely new center, chances are you’ve already earmarked a substantial amount of capital for the latest hardware. But even the most sophisticated computer hardware won’t perform up to expectations if it’s not operating in the proper environment. Poor control of temperature, humidity and dust, or inadequate power supply, can cause persistent operating prob-lems or costly downtime. The correct environment, on the other hand, ensures maximum output day after day, month after month. Maximum output is the key to realizing the most return from your data processing investment. At EMPIRE ENGINEERING, we design, build, equip and maintain computer centers that assure an optimum operating environment for your data processing equipment. And we do it by using equipment and techniques as up-to-date as your new computer hardware.

What constitutes an ideal data processing environment?

In fact, there’s no one set of standards. Every piece of computer equipment has its own requirements. These range from precise temperature and humidity control, to air cleanliness, to power supply and conditioning. And, of course, all computers must be protected from fire, tampering, unauthorized access and out right theft.

Typical Elements of a  Successful  Computer Center

1. Process Cooling

Process Cooling includes temperatuic control, humidity control and dust elimination. In many cases, tolerances are extremely critical. Digitally-controlled air conditioning/ filtration units are employed in conjunction with efficient under-floor air circulation systems that allow precise distribution of cooling air. Water-cooled systems are employed where extra cooling capacity is required.

2. Vapor Barriers

Where humidity levels are critical, vapor harriers are incorporated into wall and ceiling construction to seal the room.

3. Access Flooring

In addition to providing ticient circulation of cooling air, raised access flooring also provides a safe and convenient path for electrical supply and hardware connecting cables. It is a key feature of most modern computer centers.

4. Power Supply and Distribution

Obviously, a consistent uninten upled reliable powcr supply critical to any electionics instaliation. Depending on type of the available power supply and the special requirements the hardware, isolation transformers may be employed. B) storage batteries and cnici ucncy generaioi systcms piovidc rcli ability against “brownouts” 01 complete exiernal power lailme.

5. Fire Detection and Suppression

When your entire data processinq syicni is at stake, anything less than the finest available the detc( Hon and suppresshm system is a foolish economy. We install only Lht most smoke detectors and firestats available. Sale and effective I fire suppression systems are also employed to quickly putout any fires without causing subsequent damage. 6. Security Depending on your particular requirements, your security system can range from simple kcylocks— to sophisticdtd codod entry systems coupled With the motion detectors, tiip .711411 ins irid video monitoring.

7. Physical Facility

Not to be overlooked, Is the physical facility in whkii you’ cow puters will be operating. In addition to functional aspects like vapor barriers, access flooring and sound attenuation aesthetic considerations (color schemes, cai)etinu, etc.) ore important to create a pleasant and produ( tive woi king crivuI’ ment for your employees.

8. Total Care Maintenance Program

Regular inspection and maintenance is critical to ensure opti-mum performance. Filters must be cleaned. Batteries must be checked. Numerous other maintenance functions must be per-formed periodically. At Empire Engineering, we will custom-tailor a program for you complete with 24-hour emergency service, if desired. As factory-authorized service representatives, you can be sure that we will take good care of your equipment.

How to build a computer center. There are several ways you can approach the design and con-struction of your new computer center. You can contract out all the work yourself and accept the inevitable hassles, delays and waste of your own valuable time. Or you can call EMPIRE ENGINEERING. From the initial design process, to the purchasing and installa-tion of process cooling equipment, access flooring, vapor barri-ers, power supply, fire protection and security equipment—to the actual construction of walls and ceilings, one efficient team does it all. With our eightyyears of experience, the direct factory affiliation, you can rest assured the job will be done right, on schedule and within budget Call EMPIRE ENGINEERING (617) 821-4800. We will create a computer center that works as hard as your computers.