About Us

Improve Your Bottom Line

You have more on your mind than worrying about the critical importance of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Experienced managers recognize that one breakdown, and their facility suffers. That is why Empire Engineering’s Technical Teams are in the field day and night to assure smooth operation of the systems their customers rely on to maintain their competitive edge.

Start with prevention

Prudent business management recognizes the value of preventing problems by utilizing lower cost preventative maintenance. When Empire Engineering’s Technicians keep your systems on line, their combination of knowledge and skill lower your costs and extend the life cycle of your equipment.

Empire’s effective and thorough preventative maintenance program is comprehensive. Trained servicemen utilize state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to measure and adjust each system to its optimum performance level. Federal and state government regulation compliance is assured via Empire’s utilization of modern calibrated refrigeration reclamation equipment.

Replacements and new installations

Empire Engineering is one of New England’s oldest installers of air conditioning, heating, ventilation systems and computer rooms:


We can replace your old equipment with energy-efficient, high-tech new models.and in an emergency, we can have you up and running quickly

Design Build

We research the particular requirements of your HVAC project, design an efficient, cost-effective solution, and install the system that meets your needs.

Mechanical Installations

Empire Engineering was first to utilize CAD generated, sub-assembled component installation of commercial mechanical systems to consistently provide customers with fast track project completions on time and in budget.

Rapid Response Service

Empire provides round the clock service to respond to every need. One call (1-800-24-EMERG) puts you in touch with a trained person. (There is nothing more vexing than trying to leave a message on a machine in the middle of the night!) Via electronic pagers help is on the way to minimize down time. Solving problems has been a way of life for three generations at Empire Engineering.


Highly skilled technicians are always enrolled in training to maintain their competence and currency in state-of-the-art industry improvements. In our industry, Empire’s technicians are not just students. Not infrequently they are called on to teach others their mastery of systems. Empire Engineering is factory authorized to service most major brands of HVAC equipment. We stock replacement parts as well as filters, belts and refrigerant. Empire’s servicing equipment is state-of-the-art.